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>> i love jimi hendrix playing on the show. >> a lot of fans back there. so sunny on the outside. unfortunate it's not sunnier on the inside. >> that was a weather analogy to the difficulties going on. >> it's sunny and 75 on the outside. >> right. got it. >> later, partly cloudy and 85 degrees. >> on the outside. >> on the inside, still cloudy. >> that will do it for us. "cnn newsroom" begins right now with kyra phillips. it's 9:00 a.m. on the east coast and 6:00 a.m. on the west coast. thanks for joining us. a flash point in the nation's debt crisis. the president storms out of talks. the deadline looms. and americans are reminded that a stalemate could cost each of us. arrest is made in the scandal that engulfed rupert murdoch's media empire. the message is clear, both the u.s. and great britain are turning up the heat. in china, a section of
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bridge collapses. sending a tourist bus plunging into the forest below and the death toll could get higher. clock is ticking and tensions are soaring and if you want an idea how things heat are over the debt crisis, listen to this. president obama storms out of yesterday's meeting vowing he will veto any extension of the debt ceiling that is only short term. reports say he said to aeric cantor, quote, many could bring down my presidency. the august 2nd deadline is looming and pessimism is growing. a major rating agency says it will review the nation' sterling bond rating for a possible downgrade. we are covering the angles of this all-important debt talk story. dan lothian at the white house with reaction to the extraordinary ratcheting up of tensions. ali velshi is giving us the bottom line on the economics.
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why should you care that u.s. bonds could face a brutal reality check? ali, let's start with you. a downgrade would be like seeing your personal credit score take a huge hit, right? >> right. so we already have a debt problem. we already pay too much interest on too much debt. downgrade would mean the cost of borrowing which the u.s. has to do very regularly increases its borrowing would cost us more. it will set us back. most thinking people think we need to avoid this debt limit not being increased. here are your three consequences. first of all, if the debt limit is not increased, debt costs go up. number two, it could freeze international borrowing and lending because the u.s. is the safest bet in the world to lend money to. if the safest bet is less safe it turns the system upside down. number three, creates uncertainty so people with their investments in 401(k)s and start to suffer and flight to quality. you've heard this said before.
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people take their money out of the market and causing markets to drop and put their money into cash or gold. you're seeing gold increase and more records set the last few days. at the moment, stocks are set to open higher because the smart money is these guys will work it out but it's 20 days away. that is dog years as you know. once we get close if this stuff keeps happening you're seal markets dropping and you'll see the dollar dropping and you'll see a lot of fear. >> yeah. ali, we will keep talking. let's turn to the politics. the growing fear the nation could be headed toward a new crisis. that is what is being said. dan lothian is there at the white house. >> reporter: well, that's right. you know, the big point of contention yesterday was with house majority leader eric cantor pushing for this short-term deal or a series of short-term deals. the president, according to democratic sources familiar with the talks, made it clear that that is something he does not support and something he would veto. the president has, for the last few days, and certainly weeks as well, been pushing for the
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biggest deal possible where it it seemed to get some support. of late, it has not. the president believing if you start talking about the short-term deals, you run into the political season where you negotiate the things all over again. if you can't get this done now, how will you get this done in the thick of the political season? tense discussions yesterday. the president agitated and believing that republicans are using the debt talks to make political points. the president making the point, according to those inside the meeting, that this kind of atmosphere just confirms some of the worst fears that americans have about the way washington works. >> well, yeah. the way washington works. it's hard to understand, you know, are they going to get anywhere? you got the president of the united states saying this could bring down my presidency, storming out of the meeting and then eric cantor saying, well,
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erased any progress made so far. >> reporter: well, yes. the hope is that perhaps they got all of this sort of tense tone out of their systems yesterday. they can come back today and really get some progress here. some democratic sources say that they believe that the tone today will be much different, but, you know, the sides are still far apart when it comes to the issue of revenue. democrats believing that you need to get, you know, some money coming in and you do that by raising taxes on the wealthy. the president pointing out that won't happen until 2013 and republicans saying the way to get the revenue is by growing the economy. so those differences still remain. no doubt, that is something that will be sort of a central focus today as they sit down and talk again for the fifth day in a row. they will look where they can find some agreement and looking at yesterday, identified, according to sources, about 1.5 trillion can they find more areas to cut to reach around 2.5 trillion dollars, what
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republicans want. still far apart but the hope is they can get something done in time to put together legislation and get it passed before that august 2nd deadline. >> all right. fingers, toes, everything crossed. dan lothian, thanks. >> thank you. we are getting word this morning that scotland yard has made an arrest in the scandal that has rocked rupert murdoch's media empire and yet another remainor how serious the hacking investigation is. london's top police officer faces a public grilling today. dan rivers is on that for us. dan, what do you think? >> reporter: paul stevenson, the top policeman in the uk, is being questioned at the moment by the metropolitan police authority. particularly coming under pressure because, this morning, they arrested a former deputy editor i "the news of the world" neil wallace, arrest number nine as part of this and the other inquiry into corrupt or bribing
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police officials for information. now, the important thing is here is already we know one of the senior policemen in scotland yard john yates has already admitted having lunches with neil wallace, the man now arrested. a lot of pressure on one senior policeman, john yates, therefore, top pleasure on the top policemen. rupert and james murdoch are hounded in the people behind the building me to come and appear and justify what happened in their newspapers. james murdoch saying he can't make the date. rupert saying he doesn't want to turn up. this morning, a summons was issued to both men, trying to force them to come along. a sensational turn of events here. rupert murdoch has gone from being admired and cozied up to by political parties on all sides so now being effectively summoned to appear, almost like a criminal. >> we will be following it
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closely. dan rivers, thanks so much. back here in the united states, rudy giuliani, remember that name? yeah. he may possibly be giving another run to the white house. deputy political director paul steinhauser is joining us. >> reporter: he will be sounding and looking like a presidential candidate today talking to a new hampshire women's group. that's what you do when you're running for president. i asked one of rudrudy's advise they say nothing has changed. let's talk about michele bachmann who is running, the congresswoman from minnesota. three polls out this week. now three -- three -- three polls and she is on the top of all three polls in iowa. how about that? also a national poll came out
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this week as well and michele bachman is number two. she is definitely rising in the polls. been doing that since they did a pretty good job, i think people would agree, at the presidential debate that cnn had last month. >> jon huntsman keeping up his attacks on mitt romney. you have been following this back and forth. >> reporter: today, where is mitt romney? new hampshire. the state with the first primary in the nation. are we going to hear him respond to huntsman who is attacking romney over creating jobs and huntsman saying romney not doing a good job when he was governor. they say mitt romney will continue his attacks not on any other of the republicans running for president but like a laser going after president barack obama. looks like romney is trying to run that general election campaign. today i think you'll hear mitt romney talk about the debt ceiling. criticized lately not talking enough about the negotiations so we will keep our eyes on him as well today. >> paul, thanks. your next political update in an
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hour. always get all of the political news 24/7 at cnn/ the u.s. women's soccer team is one win away from hoisting the world cup. they are going to actually face japan sunday in the championship after 3-1 win yesterday against france and of course zain verjee, are you heading to the next game? >> reporter: i am! i'm going to be for the final game. isn't that amazing? if the u.s. team wins, everybody has to call it soccer around the world and not football, okay? >> let's make it clear. >> reporter: did you watch the france/u.s. match? >> no. i'll be honest with you, i didn't. i did see the highlights. is that enough? >> joo that is more than enough. it actually ended up being a really good game. the u.s. started off kind of wobbly but then they got into their groove and, boom, goal,
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goal, goal. up 3-1 and how they finished the match. so they face japan on sunday. this team is really magical. a lot of people are saying that they hustle, they have a never say die attitude and fight it out until the very last second. they are incredibly fit and incredibly talented. they play japan and what is interesting about japan is that the coaches actually showing the team in the locker room pictures of the tsunami and pictures of victims. it's an emotional thing for the japanese side, too. it's kind of a feel-good thing for the whole country. sunday's match, whatever happens is going to be really important for both sides. big deal for the u.s. if they win. they won last in 1999. >> i guess you say abby wambach is the next brandi chastain. >> now you have abby. >> she is really a big star to
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watch. i mean, the u.s. team itself, the favorites to win the competition, you know, there is all of this anti-american sentiment around the world, right? but on sunday, this weekend, the entire world and a lot of people in germany are really rooting and cheering for the u.s. to win because it hasn't been a big sport in the united states the way it is around the world. for this team to be victorious is really amazing. by the way, i found a good fact for you, kyra. football/soccer used to be calls pig's bladder because they blew up a pig's bladder and tied it on both sides and started to kick it around. they can use it as a nickname and say we are going to pay a little pig's bladder. just a little useless information feed for the weekend. >> sounds like a rock band more like. we expect live shots from the game, zain. we look forward to seeing you from there. >> reporter: thanks.
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abby wambach talked about yesterday's big win and sunday's championship game and so she is going to be talking again, i guess, is this right? live in the 11:00 hour? coming up. okay, coming up in the "cnn newsroom." we will hear from her again. a nation at war. cnn crew actually comes under fire. >> we are leaving this area. there is gunfire all around us. >> that is our ben wedeman actually caught in the cross-fire of libya's civil war. he will join us in a few mints. talk about breaking new ground. these women are training to be pilots in the afghan air force. [ man ] they said i couldn't win a fight.
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in california the feds deal a critical blow. 99 charged with crimes. operation black flag seized weapons from handguns to assault rifles. take a look at this group of pioneering afghan women. they are in san antonio yeah, texas. they will learn english before learn to be pipts. brad surprises his son at preschool. he hasn't seen his son in six months. he will deploy again in less than a year. turn to the story that is
6:17 am
dominating headlines. a few weeks ago the civil war in libya has slipped from the radar but the fighting still rages on. cnn crews remain in the thick of it. take a look at what happened yesterday in northwestern libya. folks caught in the cross-fire between the rebels and the government troops. >> our driver! >> get in the car, mary. >> you guys! wait! [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> get in there. >> wait! wait, wait, wait! >> wait! wait! >> are you in? >> yeah, i'm in.
6:18 am
okay, just calm down. we're cool. >> get down! >> reporter: we're leaving this area because there is gunfire all around us. we believe that gadhafi forces are doing a round-about movement. so we are rushing out of this area. >> we are happy to reporter that ben wedeman and his crew are safe and joining us today. ben, tell us what happened. >> reporter: i'm sorry, actually, i think i've lost communications. >> can you hear me okay, ben? >> reporter: yes, now i can hear you. say again? >> it's okay, ben. we basically -- we set you up with the video of what happened when you tried to flee that area and that gunfight ensued.
6:19 am
tell us what you were trying to cover and what exactly happened. >> reporter: well, we had gone to this town of goleash that we were going to investigate a report by a human rights watch that the rebels had mistreated civilians and vandalized property. we got to the edge of the village and, of course, you know there is no cell phone system here. so really you just learn as you go along what is going on ahead of you. our drivers went to the top of a hill to look into the town to see what was going on, to see if, indeed, gadhafi's forces were there. what we found was just about 150 yards in front of them were two car loads of libyan army soldiers. so the drivers came rushing down the hill. they were wearing sandals, running through thorns. we started hearing gunfire coming in and as you saw that panic movement, we rushed out of that area. that was really the beginning of a very long day during which
6:20 am
this battle took place in which the rebels did manage to retake the town. we had a lot of other close calls with incoming rockets and gunfire as we approached the town where this battle was taking place. so what you saw in that brief scene was really just a small slice of what happened yesterday. >> ben wedeman, it's definitely a reality check of what is still existing there in that country. we haven't talked about this story in a number of weeks. you're keeping it in focus for us. thanks. sepgss and rejections and still to be decided the answers in the dating game for friends with benefits mila kunis and a for a good marines. that story is coming up in the newsroom. machiinnesotans who want th miller lite better stock up. we will explain coming up. "glee"
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three of the stars will not be back for even four. according to ryan murphy, the three here will all graduate at the end of the season. michelle tried to console "glee" fans on twitter saying we knew we would graduate in real-time. foo fighters concert, don't go fighting because this will happen. >> hey, in the striped shirt, look at me here, mother [ bleep ] get out of my hoe right now get the [ bleep ] out! >> i wonder what he was doing. the leader singer dave grohl was not happy with the guy in the
6:24 am
striped shirt. he halted a song in london at a festival and said, hey, get out. the prime time emmy nominations are out picking up several nominations "boardwalk empire" and "good wife." and kareen wynter will join us with a few emmy surprises this year coming up. entertainer justin timberlake risks a butt-kicking. his friends with benefits co-star mila kunis apparently has. za zain verjee is here with a military date. i'm getting confused here, zain. >> reporter: it's all a big mess. don't worry. i am on it. every single angle of it. let me tell you what is going on here. what happened is justin timberlake was on an interview
6:25 am
with me ila kunis on fox. a sergeant asked please be my date on a ball to mila. justin said do it. she said, okay, i'll do it. then a female u.s. marine uploaded a video on youtube and saying, yo, justin, if you're going to do that, why don't you be my date to a ball that is going on in washington, d.c.? and her name is kelsey and listen to how she proposed. >> so, justin, you want to call "my girl mila? i will call you out and ask you to come to the marine corps ball with me on november 12th in washington, d.c. if you can't go, all i have to say, crimea river zoo do it for your country, justin! kyra, she is a black belt in karate. i think he better say yes. she has this facebook page
6:26 am
friends have put together, saying, come on, justin, do it. i think he should for his country, don't you? >> sure. so patriotic. >> reporter: kyra, mila kunis has said she cannot make the date she initially said yes so because she has a scheduling filming conflict. come on, move it. >> come on now. all right. we will follow it. zain, fun, fun. minnesota state government shut down nearly two weeks ago. workers forced to state home and state parks closed. a new one. no more miller beer. are you serious, alison kogsso assic? >> i am serious. miller beer is pulled from every store and restaurant and bar in minnesota. i'm talking about coors, miller, foster's blue moon and milwaukee's best. would you believe this is all because the minnesota government
6:27 am
shut down? miller did not get its brand licensing renewed in time for the government shutdown on july 1st. the label on each brand of beer has to be registered with the state. the thing is the company did put the application in but guess what? the government shut down the very next day. you know what? we are chuckling about this, but this is a big deal for small businesses in minnesota. miller coors supplies almost 40% of the beer sold in minnesota. if you can't find a beer, you can always go for the jack daniels, right? >> there you grando. a little j.d. talk to you in a moment. he has climbed mt. everest but against higher debt and in favor of online poker. he also sets the record for vetoes when he was governor. who is this interesting character? gary johnson. we are going to talk to him because he wants your vote for president.
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checking top stories. section of a bridge collapsed in china causing a tourist bus to drive right off of. the chinese government says one person killed and other reports say the death toll it climbing. president obama storms out of yesterday's meeting after another republican proposal for a short-term deal on the debt talks. we're told the negotiations will resume this afternoon. a house hearing on the consumer financial protection bureau gets under way this hour. republicans want to know why the agency still has no director one week before beginning work. gary johnson wants to be president. before you say gary who? he is a former two-term governor of new mexico. he favors the fair tax. he set records for vetoing legislation. nearly 800 bills. but he also competes in triathlons. he climbed mt. everest.
6:32 am
he helped also to put a fire out with his feet. gary johnson joins us live from new york on why he wants the white house. so, governor, you've been campaigning for 17 months. you visited 38 states. when it comes to the issues, we can say you're definitely provocative. let's get right to it. you're pro marijuana. why do you believe that legalizing wouldn't lead to increase in young people and mere people driving while high? >> well, if you look at the only two countries in the world, portugal and holland, which h e have, i would say, rational drug policy, each of those countries has 60% the drug use that of the united states. that's on a per capita basis, but that's kids, that's adults, that is marijuana and hard drugs. kyra, that kind of flies in the face of what you would think is increased drug use. portugal ten years ago
6:33 am
decriminalized all drug use because they had a heroin epidemic. they have shown a decrease in drug use having decriminalized heroin. they look at the problem first as a health issue rather than a criminal justice issue. look. there have been millions of americans that have gone to jail for drugs. there have been a hundred million americans who haven't gone to jail because of the same offenses but haven't been caught doing that. there's a real hypocrisy in our drug laws and very discriminatory. half of what we spend on law enforcement, the courts and prisons is drug related and what are we getting for it? we have 2.3 million people behind bars, the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. >> what is it with you and poker? are you a gambler? >> you know, kyra, i think the
6:34 am
poker issue is indicative of dozens of other issues where the government steps in and gets in the way of a person's passion. you know, the federal government outlawed online poker playing and about six weeks ago, they closed down all online poker playing worldwide for u.s. citizens so they froze a hundred million dollars in assets. they really took poker away from 10 million poker players' ability to be able to play it. so they got into that person's passion. my passion is downhill skiing and mountain biking and you know what? right now, the federal government is restricting my access to public lands, trails on public lands as a mountain biker and yet allow horses and things that go along with horses on the public lands. a very small example, mountain biking, a very big example, poker playing. even a bigger example, drugs. >> but okay, critics would come
6:35 am
back and say, okay, governor johnson, i mean, we are in a bad situation right now. bad economy. people are desperate. they are doing anything now to make a buck. and legalizing marijuana, you know? saying poker is okay. is this the right time for those two issues to be on your agenda? >> well, they are indicative of everything that is on my agenda which is the cost benefit analysis to everything government is doing. what are we spending our money on? and what are we getting for the money we are spending? when it comes to online poker, why not create tens of thousands of jobs in this country to accommodate 10 million americans' passion to play poker? when it comes to drugs, i'll just get back to the fact half of what we spend on law enforcement, the courts and the prisons is drug-related. kyra, it is never going to be legal to smoke pot, become impaired, get behind the wheel of a car or do harm to others.
6:36 am
it's never going to be legal for kids to smoke pot or buy pot. but the situation that we have today, right now, is that we are arresting and we're sending to jail people that sell small amounts of drugs on numerous occasions and they are getting caught for that. this is much the same as prohibition of alcohol in the '20s. who got rich in the '20s? border violence with mexico. this is a prohibition phenomenon. it goes away because these are disputes played out with guns rather than the courts. >> i'm trying to figure out how portugal plays into the u.s. when it comes to that. thank you for your time. >> thank you. uk tabloids find themselves in the headlines next to the words hacking, eavesdropping and bribery. what about the american press? we will talk to a media ethicist
6:37 am
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allegations of hacking and eavesdropping and bribing police. uk tabloid reporters aren't just covering it but accused of doing it. the prime minister has launched a huge investigation. now some u.s. lawmakers want their own probe but why? are we, u.s. journalists, really that dishonest when it comes to pursuing a scoop? kelly mcbride says no way. she teaches media ethics at the pointer institute. media haters here in america, listen up up. kelly says the uk tabloid scandal is vindication of american journalism. tell us how we are so upstanding when we look what is happening overseas, kelly. >> well, i don't -- did we just
6:41 am
lose the connection? >> no. you are live. we can hear you great. >> i don't think that the american press is that much better than the british press, but what i do think is that we don't have the systemic corruption that we now seeing in the british press. we have a lot of of the problems in the american press, you know, the economy has killed american newspapers. we probably have 30% fewer journalists. the journalism we do here is weaker than it used to be. what we don't have is systemic corruption. when we have scandals in the american press, they tend to be singular in nature. like a blair or kelly. one individual who has done a bad job and caused a lot of damage. what we don't have is entire staffs doing -- seeking -- or teaching each other how to do criminal behavior and setting up
6:42 am
to distort the -- to distort the truth purposely, which is what we are seeing in the british press right now. >> kelly, one more question. unfortunately, your signal is locked up. we can hear you. we just can't see you but we have video out of london. i want to ask you you quickly. you point this out. in england, there are laws controlling what information can be printed and when. you know? our first amendment makes that unconstitutional. why are we witnessing that in the uk if, indeed, those laws exist? >> you're right. they are much more heavily regulated than we are in the united states. we hardly have any regulation of journalism. but what we do have is self-regulation. a lot of journalists who have written in the u.s. and britain, we in the u.s. think highly of ourselves and talk about our work as a profession and we have
6:43 am
professional associations that create standards and essentially create an ability for us to self-regulate. and you don't see that as much in britain, especially with the tabloids. here, our tabloids are constantly arguing that they are legitimate journalists and they are seeking legitimacy among their peers, their more established peers. in britain, the tabloids are not seeking legitimacy at all and don't want to be recognized by their peers as good journalists. i think that is because when you regulate from the outside, there's less incentive to regulate internally. >> kelly mcbride who teaches media ethics at the pointer institute, thanks so much. if you want to see her piece on is where you can join her also in the discussion. a new foreclosure heads line
6:44 am
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checking stories across the country. a group of teenagers in
6:47 am
illinois are planning a church trip to perform music in california. but we're told now it may never happen. why? well, the airline is charging them $6,000 in baggage fees! the church doesn't know how it's going to raise the money. wait until you see the one that didn't get away. a man at a batcher party near galvest galveston, texas lands a bull shark. we are told the bride hasn't gotten away either. the group caught a couple of more sharks. this was the biggest. in providence, rhode island, police can charge people under 18 for sexting and stronger penalties for people who send photos to others. foreclosures filings plunged nearly 30% the first half of the year and sounds good but not what it seems. alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. >> the headline sounds good but
6:48 am
when you read deeper into the report and you find out why. what is happening banks are taking their time foreclosing because remember that scandal last year? banks got into a lot of trouble for signing off on foreclosures without following the proper protocol and now ktaking a lot longer to process. it takes 318 days, almost a year to process an average foreclosure. i'm talking about from the initial notice to the final sale. what you see happening is kicking the can down the road. meaning get ready for more foreclosures to flood the market. >> alison kosik, thanks. from the bull pen to the red carpet. san francisco giants brian wilson fraeds in htrades in hisr a one-piece spandex uniform. sports and fashion in a second. its retinol formula smoothes wrinkles in just one week. why wait if you don't have to. neutrogena®.
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stories making news later today in new york. a civil rights group says it will begin picketing outside of office of rupert murdoch. in grand rapids, michigan, the funeral of betty ford is going to get under way. a lot of developments in the next hour in the cnn "newsroom." let's go to dan lothian. dan? >> president obama says friday is the deadline for the congressional leaders to figure out which direction they are going as the white house figures out how we can prevent the economy from being impacted by the debt ceiling. i'll have more on this story at the top of the hour. hi, i'm zain from london.
6:52 am
the u.s. team could clench the soccer world cup. what leaders are saying about this and how exciting this weekend game is going to be. and i'm poppy harlow in new york. we sat down with the president's right-hand man on jobs, jeff immelt, to talk about job creation and what they are going to do to bring the unemployment numbers down. we'll have that coming up in the next hour. all right. after a decade at war, medical breakthroughs and cutting-edge techniques. healing our soldiers while at battle.
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members of the american postal worker's union handle more than 165 billion letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions? not a single cent. the united states postal service doesn't run on your tax dollars.
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it's funded solely by stamps and postage. brought to you by the men and women of the american postal worker's union.
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. the u.s. women's soccer team is one game away from taking the world cup. guys and gals watching this game closely saying these women are pretty awesome athletes. >> they are playing great and it's bringing attention to 12 years ago. let's hope it finishes with a happy winning. u.s. relied on one of the game's great headers. taking a corner kick -- abby leaves the head and into the goal. that leaves it 2, u.s.
6:56 am
the u.s. wins 3-1 taking on japan for the title on sunday. it's great for the yankee fan who caught the jeter ball. he has big college debt and faces a tax bill for the yankee swag he got for handing over the jeter ball. and get this. they are coming out with a card of lopez. brian wilson is a different kind of guy. check out the one-piece spandex tucks seed doe. the bow tie is orange. wilson was also wearing ninja socks sent to him by a fan. he will have to wear his dull uniform tonight.
6:57 am
he never wanted to shy away from attention. styling, i suppose. finally a. story that will make you want to toss your clubs. this is reagan kennedy of illinois. she hit a hole in one. she didn't go screaming down the golf course. she walked back quietly to the cart because dad taught her you're not supposed to make noise on the golf course. but her parents said, you know what, this is one time that you can make noise. >> but all she cares about is beating her dad. i got a hole in one but i'm going to beat my dad. that's the best part. 6 years old. that's right. it's awesome. got to love it. she's headed for the tour. >> she's great. >> thanks. justin timberlake has a big decision to make and he's being told that he better do it for his country or else. will he be a good american? >> reporter: this female marine
6:58 am
is asking justin timberlake out on a date. >> do it for your country. >> reporter: tilted his shades and asked mela out via youtube. >> what? >> i want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the marine corps ball in north carolina. with yours truly. take a second to think about it and get back to me. >> reporter: chances are the last time mila was asked out on a semiblind date is when cnn's own wolf blitzer invited her to the white house correspondence dinner. >> this is my date. >> reporter: wolf is more famous than sergeant scott moore. the sergeant has justin timberlake on his side during a fox news interview. >> this needs to go down. do it for your country. >> okay. i'll do it for you.
6:59 am
>> reporter: you do it for your country, justin timberlake, because now this marine wants you. >> you want to call out my girl mila. well, i'm going to ask you to come on november 12th in washington, d.c. >> reporter: she's the only female marine at the martial arts center for quaint co-. she's an instructor with a black belt who sometimes does cage fights. kelsey is a fan of timberlakes. she got him to invite her to a marine corps ball. her friends set up a facebook page called let's get justin timberlake to the marine core ball with kelsey, complete with an array of photos so impressive. well, how could timberlake tell her to go jump in a lake or even a river. >> and if you can't, all i can say is, cry me a river. >> reporter: hey, the corporal
7:00 am
has got a tattoo, too. and that's just the one we can see. when we asked the friend who helped set up the facebook page whether kelsey could kick his butt if he turned her down, she said, oh, yeah, for sure, this marine isn't looking for a few good men, just one. >> do it for your country. >> reporter: jean me moose, cnn, new york. and it's 7:00 a.m. out west. a home town bears a farewell to betty ford. on capitol hill, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke gives an update on the economy and is testifying before the senate banking committee. in china ark section of bridge collapses sendsing a tourist bus plunging into the
7:01 am
forest below. one person is killed but there is other reports saying that death toll is rising. the clock is ticking and tensions are soaring. if you want an idea of just how heated things are over the debt crisis, listen to this. the president stormed out of the president's meeting and vowed that he will extend any debt ceiling that is only short term. this fiery confrontation with eric cantor ended with the president saying "this could bring my presidency down." top congressional democrats and republicans were at the white house for a fifth straight day of talks. the deadline is looming and pessimism is growing. in fact, the rating agency says it will review the sterling bond rating for a possible downgrade. dan lothian is at the white house with this extraordinary ratcheting up of tension and kate is on capitol hill.
7:02 am
dan, let's speak with you first. >> reporter: i spoke to a member familiar with the talks that told lawmaker that friday's really the deadline to get a sense of which direction they are going in terms of getting any progress on deficit reduction. if not, this official said that the white house wants to start looking up what they can get done in terms of options in order to raise the debt ceiling because they still believe that it would be a major catastrophe for the overall u.s. economy if that is not done. as you pointed out, the president, despite calls for short-term deals, is completely against that and made that very clear to lawmakers yesterday, even threatening to veto any short-term deal because the president still pushing for the biggest deal possible. he believes that that is best for the overall economy and, secondly, he says that if it's so difficult to get this deal done now, how in the world,
7:03 am
during the middle of this election cycle will you be able to get anything else done. so that's why the president does not want the short-term deal but it sort of sets up major tensions between republicans and democrats as they return to the table this afternoon. >> well, what do you think? are they going to get anywhere? we heard eric cantor said that this has erased any progress made so far after the president stormed out of there saying, this is going to bring down my presidency. i've had it? >> reporter: well, it's certainly hoped that there will be progress. one source saying that they believe the tone today will be much different than it was yesterday but clearly there are big differences. we've been talking about this for days now like a broken record. there is still this issue of how do you get to the revenue side of it? the white house, the president believing that the way to do that is that you have to raise taxes on went three americans and that won't even take place until 2013 and republicans are saying that they are not going
7:04 am
to accept it. so there has to be some way to get to the revenue and that will be the focus can of today's meeting and the hope is that they can get some progress as the clock particulars. >> all right. kate, what's the latest from capitol hill? >> reporter: i tell you, the frustration inside that room is spilling outside into the forum. the outlook has been grim and it seems following thl dramatic meeting at the white house it's going to be only more pessimistic than it was before. the senate majority leader, harry reid, he just took to the senate floor. he often does at the beginning of business every day and he actually went as far as to call the number two republican in the house, eric cantor, childish in light of how things developed yesterday and he also kind of reinforced the point and a warning of what could happen and what he thinks will happen if they don't reach a deal by august 2nd. listen here to harry reid. >> economists have also said,
7:05 am
ben bernanke, appointed by president bush as chairman of the would be a major crisis sending shock waves to the world financial markets and yesterday a failure to avert default would mean huge financial calamity. >> i'll tell you, it's not really clear at this moment in the day where things go from here and what the reaction is going to be from lawmakers. here's why. the short-term deal that the house majority leader, eric cantor, pitched in this meeting, it hasn't been part of the equation until this point and that's because speaker boehner, eric cantor, and president has said that a short-term deal is a no-go. and it still may be a moot point. we're still locked at square one. >> all right. kate, dan, thank you. in a few minutes, we're
7:06 am
going to go to alison can kostick. pressure is mounting and insiders are being held accountable. now an arrest is made in the scandal that has rocked rupert murdoch's media empire. even more proof about the hacking investigation, the top police officer faces a public grilling today. dan has more from london. dan? >> reporter: the most senior policeman in britain is being questioned closely about that original police investigation into hacking which many people think was inadequate. it didn't look at the wider picture of the systemic, illegal activities that we now appear to know about in several newspapers. it was just now really focused on the hacking of prince williams phone. so he's being grilled there. and rebekah brooks is set to be
7:07 am
grilled in this building behind me. but rupert murdoch and james murdoch are being asked to turn up. so farther either saying that they w't or can't and they have been served with the summons by the deputy sergeant of arms, which means that they are being sort of demanded that they come. it's pretty serious stuff. the problem is, because they are american citizens, no one is quite sure if they can have jurisdiction over them, forcing them to turn up or not. so there is scratching of heads there. it's completely unchartered territory and they are talking about introducing emergency laws to force them to come along. >> we're following it closely. dan rivers, thanks. well, they are almost there. the u.s. women's soccer team, one win away from hoisting that world cup. they are going to face japan on sunday in the championship match after their 3-1 win yesterday against france. zain is not only watching all of the action, she's going to be
7:08 am
there for the game and report live and give us every single detail, right? >> reporter: you bet, kyra. and the favorite to win is the united states. there's so much anti-american sentiment but actually this match, this weekend, the hot favorite is the u.s. and the people are really cheering and rooting for them to win. back home in the u.s., take a look at the orlando centennial. this is their headline. women give u.s. soccer an exciting but fleeting ride. it says, soccer needed the exposure in the u.s., a place where the sport was an acquired taste, much like sushi. and then check out the dallas morning news. it is headlined "japanese dream continues." in the wake of the tsunami and earthquake, they wanted to provide a feel-good story for fans back home and they came through. the u.s. team here is doing the same thing.
7:09 am
it's a feel-good story and really giving a boost to soccer in the united states as well. they are a great team, so talented, so fit. we've got so much stamina. you really need it to run up and down this field for so long. 19 minutes a game and actually -- you know, the men tend to fake injuries more than the women. okay? apparently the women have been given a thumb's up in this world cup tournament, that they are not faking it and simulating pain as much. just one other thing. football/soccer is such a global game. think of it for many parts around the world, it's as common to see a man chester united t-shirt and people playing football in afghanistan and iraq as to go around the u.s. as a yankees cap. it really is so important is so many ways. a lot of people are happy that the u.s. is taking enthusiasm this time around. i hope the u.s. team wins. i'll be kicking a football around with them a. soccer ball
7:10 am
around with them for a while before the match. >> i'm sure you can teach them something. >> me and abby. >> you won't be faking anything. that's for sure. >> no way. >> thanks, kyra. an hour from now, abby is going to talk to us live next hour right here in the cnn "newsroom." in the modern world media, he's the wizard of oz, managing the message behind the curtain. just ahead, we'll take a good hard look at rupert murdoch. and your favorite emmy's are nominating. that's next. there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. tidy cats premium line of litters now works harder to help neutralize odors in multiple-cat homes.
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7:13 am
considered wung of the most influential men in media, rupert murdoch is becoming a larger figure in the phone hacking scandal. allan chernoff has more. >> reporter: absolutely stunning developments in britain. rupert murdoch has gone from the ultimate power broker to a pa rye yeah. he's considered to be an absolutely brilliant and ruthless businessman and pushing his media journalists to find stories. his great love has always been the newspaper business. he demands dramatic stories, telling reporter, we will never be boring and frequently checks
7:14 am
in with his top editors, one of whom used to be lou colasuonno. >> there is a passion and involvement in the day to day newspapers. >> reporter: his native australia, inheriting his father's newspaper business. media properties across the country, even started the australian, a nationwide paper. and aggressively used them to support politicians he favored. overseas, murdoch's first purchase was a british tabloid "news of the world" followed by "the sun" both of which he pushed to sensationalism. he became the central figure in britain's competitive newspaper market. martin dunn says he was as tough as his headlines. >> he tamed the print unions so that newspapers became
7:15 am
incredibly profitable. >> reporter: checkbook journalism was a regular practice that paid dividends with higher newspaper sales. some who tracked him referred to him as the dirty digger. >> he ran close to what my be considered journalistic ethics. i'm not saying he broke the law or did anything illegal but i will say that he's aggressive in getting stories. >> reporter: he used his paper as a power base. margaret thatcher, tony blair, and david cameron all rose to prime minister. >> he, more than anybody i've ever seen in my lifetime of the media understood how you can use the power of the media to shape the political views of the country and in doing so to affect elections. >> reporter: and to assist his business ambition. murdoch did the same in the u.s. >> now we are moving very fast at news corporation to have a worldwide platform. >> reporter: newspapers, film,
7:16 am
all have expanded his influence. his decades of political success makes this week's collapse all more the shocking. murdoch has achieved the impossible, said one of the observers. his divisive political parties are now all united against him. >> i think it's terribly devastating. he doesn't understand the word defeat. >> rupert murdoch is definitely used to winning. he once told "vanity fair," i love competition and i want to win. a very, very rare defeat for a man who even last week we could have called the most powerful media baron on the planet. >> allan, thanks. now two u.s. lawmakers want to investigate murdoch's empire. brian todd is on that for us. the fed deals a critical
7:17 am
blow from the mafia members in california. operation black flag also seized weapons. everything you can see here from handguns to assault rifles. and take a look at these pioneering afghan women in san antonio, texas. they are trained to be the first female pilots in the afghan military. we never get tired of seeing this. jacksonville, florida. brad white surprising his son at preschool. he's been serving overseas and he hasn't seen his son in six months. he will deploy again in less than a year. as congress works to hammer out a deal on the debt ceiling, the top rating agencies are issuing pretty dire warnings. alison kostick has more from the u.s. stock exchange. >> the warning from moodys here
7:18 am
on wall street says it's going to review the government bond rating for a possible downgrade if the debt ceiling is not raised in time. translation, it's on the verge of cutting our nation's credit score and guess what message it would send to the word. that investing in the u.s. is not as safe as it once was. right now the u.s. rating is as high as it can get. and moodys actually believes that congress is going to wind out hammering out a deal and the government will be able to pay its bills but concern is growing and moodys is just adding on to the list of fitch and standard and poors telling washington you've got to get your act together. >> what does this mean for the economy and how investors are responding to the warning today? >> you know, ben bernanke talked about it yesterday using words like crisis and it could be a lower rating and a default. we could see federal borrowing
7:19 am
rates rise, stocks drop, credit cards and other consumer rates would go up, too. i tell you what, we don't want to go there. who could forget what happened a couple of years ago when the economy didn't get what it needed. the dow plunged. that could look like a drop in the bucket if we wind up defaulting. kyra? >> alison from the new york stock exchange. we're following it closely. thanks. this year's emmy nomination for primetime is out.
7:20 am
7:21 am
a good showing in this
7:22 am
year's short list for the 63rd nominee awards. >> reporter: a huge winning for hbo, and two of their big new series, hugely popular shows, also got nominations. we're talking about boardwalk empire starring steve buscemi. and early game of throwns. people are saying that they deserve it and they are bringing in the ratings and it's interesting because the broadcast tvgenre, we saw so many nominations coming out on that world and now the cable world is taking over. we're seeing that this morning with hbo my favorite, "modern
7:23 am
family," they are going up against "glee" as well as "the office." and speaking of the office, steve carell has never won and people are predicting that this could be his year. another category to keep an eye on, reality shows. it took the academy so long to really embrace that tvgenre. well, now they are having to do that because of the popularity of so many shows. some of the contenders in this category, the amazing race, "american idol," project runway, top chef as well as "so you think you can dance." you're not only looking at the surprises but you also look at the snubs and the big bust had to do with kyra sedgwick.
7:24 am
she won last year after five nominations. "the closer"'s last season and not in the mix this year. so we'll have to see what happens with the other contenders in that category when the show airs in september. glee's host host will be hosting z she can definitely carry a show. >> definitely. thanks if you want information, go to "showbiz tonight" at 11:00 p.m. on hln. coming up, the president says don't call my bluff and then leaves the debt ceiling negotiations. will walking out work? political buzz next. my doctor told me calcium
7:25 am
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. checking top stories. a section of a bridge has collapsed in china causing a tourist bus to drive right off of it. one person was killed. however, other reports said the death toll is climbing. the president left the meeting yesterday and vows to veto any that this could bring my presidency down. talks pick up at the white house this afternoon. a house hearing on the consumer financial protection is under way and republicans want to know why the agency still has no director one week after beginning work. gary johnson has served two terms and favors the debt ceiling and also in favor of online poker and legalizing pot. i asked him about his
7:29 am
provocative views a short time ago. >> what are we spending our money on and what are we getting for the money that we're spending? so when it comes to online poker, why not create thousands of jobs in this country to play poker. when it comes to drugs, i'll just get back to the fact. half of what we spend on law enforcement, the courts, and prisons is drug-related. kyra, it's never going to be legal to smoke pot, become impaired, get behind the wheel of a car or do harm to others. it's never going to be legal for kids to smoke pot or buy pot but the situation that we have today, right now is that we're arresting and sending to jail people that send small amounts of drugs on numerous owe kags and they are getting caught for that. this is as much of prohibition of alcohol in the '20s. who got rich in the '20s? border violence with mexico.
7:30 am
legalize marijuana and arguably 75% of the border violence with mexico goes away because these are disputes being played out with guns rather than the courts. >> johnson is trying to gain name recognition even though he campaigns for 17 months in 38 states. political buzz. your rapid fire. look at the hottest political topics of the day. cornell, a poll sister for the 2008 obama campaign, chief and santorum aide, and will cain. president obama tells a gop leader, don't call my bluff, and then he leaves the negotiations. will walking out work, will? >> yeah, i actually think it will. look, after months of hard negotiating, playing hardball, republicans suggesting that they will kill the economy if they don't get big spending cuts,
7:31 am
mitch mcconnell revealed his back-up plan. you want to hear it? i'm going to give him everything that he wants and we'll raise the debt ceiling. but it's the kind of negotiating tactic that allows your opponents to get up and walk away from the table. >> cornell? >> i would not characterize it as the president walking out. he's tired of the congress trying to kick the can down the road and we need a deal. the problem is the republican primary from last year is now spilling over to the capitol where republicans are and rebellion against mitch mcconnell and speaker boehner is on this deal. >> stressful times calls for stressful people. the republicans and president are in a very tense situation. the stakes are really high. if in fact the debt ceiling does not get raised, a lot of people are going to suffer. not just main street, not just
7:32 am
wall street but also main street. i think the president knows that. and he aloued to lewded to his presidency going down. >> for the third time this week, the survey of likely gop goers has michele bachmann on top. iowa doesn't have the best track record for picking nominees. will they be right in 2012? >> look. i've been calling michele bachmann for a long time. this is the beauty of iowa. it gives you mom men tuck, atum, attention and you define the debate. if she wins iowa, it will propel her forward. iowa is still important. >> will? >> you know, i have to disagree with you. iowa doesn't have that bad of a track record. if you set aside '08, the gop for president has won six out of the last eight presidential elections. in '08 they seem more interested
7:33 am
in electing a preacher. if they follow mike huckabee, yeah, they will be wrong. >> robert? >> they are very smart, they love to touch their candidates, size their candidates up and down. they say this is who we think should be president but at the end of the day it's going to be about michigan, florida, pennsylvania, and ohio. those are the battle ground states for super tuesday that is going to denied who the gop nominee is going to be. >> ten seconds each. you heard from gary johnson who i had a chance to talk to. he's pro pot, pro gambling. now now, in a bad economy, is this what a down and out america is looking for? >> he's not doing any favors to his vegas odds for winning presidency. we're all kind of smiling. >> i'm not so sure this is what we need but i certainly a lot of my friends are more interested
7:34 am
than what they have been before. >> it says a lot about your friends. you want to add to that? you have a few more seconds. >> no, i'm done. >> robert? >> the constitution says if you meet the qualifications, you can run for president. governor johnson, good luck. >> thanks, guys. we'll see you again. >> have a good day. >> you, too. the frail health of the economy can be measured with one single word. jobs. with that in mind, our poppy harlow sat down with our right hand man. jeff immelt is the ceo of general electric but in your conversation he looks at the much bigger picture? >> yes, of course. it's an interesting thing, kyra, that he runs this corporation. when you look at ge, they've cut 35,000 american jobs, more people, 60% of their workforce overseas as compared to the u.s. he's the president's right hand man on jobs. he's god to lead how you get
7:35 am
these big u.s. companies to hire. we sat down in a plant in south carolina and talked a lot about jobs and specifically what's making headlines right now, the lack of an agreement in washington on raising the debt ceiling. what i thought was very interesting, the impact that he thinks it's going to have on small businesses if we can't see lawmakers reach an agreement by that august 2nd deadline. take a listen. >> i would ask people, don't think of ge so much. think about a small business person that creates a lot of jobs in this country. they are petrified right now. >> what are they scared of? >> look. what happens if the government doesn't roll over its debt? why would you invest into that? if the budget deficit means super high tax rates for them and things like that, again, that to me is the piece that is missing. there has been small businesses that have gotten hurt out of this recession, guys like us that have a global footprint and demand, we're going to power through this. >> and kyra, he also said, at
7:36 am
this point it's up to big corporations like ge to hire workers and see mass hiring from these private companies and public companies that have trillions of dollars of cash on the side lines that they are not using. he actually said there is no excuse not to invest at this point and it makes more sense to bring workers back to the u.s. ge started doing that last year. but at this point, business leaders need to take that initiative and bring the jobs already. kyra? >> so what about creating jobs? >> one you would expect. this is a republican that is on the president's council. one of them is, cut the red tape. cut regulation. now, that's interesting rhetoric. we often here hear it from business leaders. i asked if that is realistic. he said not only is it realistic, he thinks it's going to happen before the 2012 election and that will create jobs.
7:37 am
he also put out five other recommendations on creating jobs. putting the two million construction workers back to work on the infrastructure projects. all these folks out there, they know who they are. giving them the necessary training. he said it may not be sexy, but shorten the time that it takes to get a tour are richl in it takes eight weeks for people to get a visa to come to this country and spend money. shorten that to a week like our competitors. that can be done immediately. he's pushed the administration to try to get that done. that is going to help as well. there are places where he and the folks on this council that are republicans differ with president obama but says that the administration has been receptive to it. we had a long conversation. you can see it right here on cnn money. but big business in the white house having a front seat at the table on this jobs conversation with president obama. kyra? >> poppy harlow, thanks so much. after a decade at war,
7:38 am
medical breakthroughs have healed our wounded warriors that defend our country and it turns out that it's good news for you. e but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? let's go back to drawing.
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7:41 am
police arrest a man for stalking halle berry. he jumped a fence and police say he has a criminal history of criminal violence and she wants a restraining order. talk about a twist to a bachelor party, this guy near galveston, texas, lands a bull shark. the group caught several more sharks but he was easily the biggest. in providence rhode island, it's strong penalties for forwarding those photos on to others as well. >> after ten years of war, our
7:42 am
wounded warriors need them. we're talking about medical first and cutting edge technology that is not only healing our men and women in war but helping patients like me and you, too. barbara starr has seen these advancements firsthand. tell us about them, barbara. >> well, kyra, you wouldn't think military medicine and care we traveled to a hospital a few miles away from washington, d.c., to look at a program where military doctors about to deploy to the war zone first go to this hospital to get crucial training in how to deal with battlefield injuries. you know, back home they might be reservice or regular military docs dealing with the sore throats. it's all about blast injuries and burns and life-threatening injuries so they need to brush up on the medical skills. i want to you listen for a minute to one of the military doctors at the baltimore
7:43 am
hospital telling us about some of the cases he's dealing with stateside. >> category a, priority one. >> reporter: every day, dozens of trauma patients are wheeled into these bays. some are accident victims. this young man came with multiple stab wounds. but right alongside the civilian trauma doctors and nurses and techs, military personnel. a surgeon runs the military training program here. >> the injuries that i've treated here and that i see here at this hospital are the closest thing to the injuries that i saw in iraq that i've spensed in the continental united states. >> listen to what powers has encountered in recent weeks here. >> i've have had a gentleman whose entear scale p was tore off in an industrial accident
7:44 am
and recreate the frontal sinus, exactly like i have to do with an ied blast. >> we certainly hope that nobody needs this kind of care in their local emergency room. but if you do, or if someone in your family does, the chances are that these days in your emergency room there's going to be somebody who served in the military as a reservice or active duty who has learned all of these critical life saving skills in the war zone and is now back home being able to use those skills right in your local community. kyra? >> barbara, thanks so much. this weekend barbara is going to join dr. sanjay gupta on military medicine and see how innovations at ten years of war is changing your health care
7:45 am
right here at home. sanjay gupta m.d. at 7:30 a.m. eastern time right here on cnn. rupert murdoch is taking a huge hit. now it might spread to the u.s. >> he has plenty of enemies in this country. >> they get a lot more ammunition to send against them. >> he wants to put the media empire under the microscope. of . the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have been managed. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. the investigation into the phone hacking scandal in great britain could spread across the
7:48 am
pond to the u.s. lawmakers want to know if any part of rupert murdoch's america media empire is guilty of same dishonest tactics to score a scoop. here's brian todd. >> reporter: as he faces the investigative music in britain, critical looks into the companies in the u.s. several lawmakers are now calling for investigations into whether murdoch's tabloids hacked the phones of americans. powerful senator jay rockefeller is leading that charge. he's especially concerned over reports that 9/11 victims phone's were hacked and told cnn that they will filed criminal stuff. i caught up with rockefeller. >> you know that the department of justice and all kinds of other federal agencies are going to go after this very hard and we will, too. i mean, this is -- it's really repugnant that one man can control so many. >> do you have specific information that americans
7:49 am
that 9/11 victims had their phones hacked? >> we will find out. >> at least two relatives of 9/11 victims are joining in this call. contacted by cnn, the justice department wouldn't comment on whether an investigation has been launched. rockefeller called for the probe after victims of 9/11 were reported to have been among the targets of british papers. the daily mirror, a rival of murdoch's paper, said that he was asked by "news of the word" journalists to hack victims' phones but that he turned down the job. it's not clear if they were after phone records of american or british 9/11 victims or both. murdoch's company, the news corporation, and the focus of the outlet is based in the united states. its outlets include "the wall street journal," new york post, and fox newschannel. paul of the washington post says it's too early to tell if those operations will suffer legally from an investigation. but -- >> what kind of public backlash could there be against rupert
7:50 am
murdoch if this doesn't come to full fruition? >> we know him through fox news, "the wall street journal" and all of the tv stations that he owns in this country. so he has plenty of enemies in this country and this could be -- and i stress the "could be," the moment when they get a lot more ammunition to use against him. >> reporter: we contacted news corporation to hack americans and if they've launched their own investigation. a spokesman there wouldn't comment. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> he says he's a terror expert with ripley's belief it or not resume. more about his credibility. work faster and smarter iu so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it lets you access business forms on the go, fire off e-mails with the qwerty keypad,
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7:53 am
stories making news later today in new york. a civil rights group says it will begin picketing outside the home of news corp ceo rupert murdoch. that march set for 12:30 eastern time. at 2:00 p.m. eastern, the funeral service for former first lady betty ford is set to get under way and congressional leaders meet again with president obama on the growing debt crisis. he's the counterterrorism expert with a ripley's believe it or not resume. >> it stems from islam. no historian can deny that islamist invaded.
7:54 am
>> the message is the epitome of good versus evil. he has a pedigree that makes him an expert. a u.s. citizen because his mother is american, is he a darling and, yes, he believes the war on terror is a holy war. he portrays himself as a man converted and on a mission. once a jew hated, bomb-throwing terrorist, now a devout christian expert warning that islam is out to destroy you. and what part of spite off their
7:55 am
next do you americans not end? >> his crowd is large ee terrorism experts and trust no muslim, especially those who organize. >> know your enemy. know your enemy. all islamist groups should be focused on. >> reporter: he is being paid $5,000, plus expenses, to speak here with your tax dollars and also given a police guard during his time in the city. a nice day's work. judging by his website where he highlights more than three dozen speaking engagements, he gets a lot of work. >> join anderson cooper tonight for the conclusion on ac 360 at
7:56 am
10:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. coming up with suzanne malveaux, he made president obama walk out of the room during debt negotiations. we take a closer look at eric cantor and what influence he has on the heated talks. she's the athlete that has led the team to the soccer finals, abby wambach joins us live. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. right now, go to priceline for a sneak peek at recent winning and better than ever! hotel bids to find where you n save up to 60% on hotels. *
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all right. no surprise, sarah palin is going after president obama on the debt ceiling talks but smacking down top republican's proposal, too. what is going on? >> kyra, sarah palin is her outside image on an interview with fox last night where she's a paid contributor. not only did she take on president obama, she took on the republican senator, mitch mcconnell. let's start with what she said about president obama. she said that basically he is fearmongering by talking about not sending social security checks out if the debt ceiling is not increased. as far as republican leader mcconnell, she said that his plan that would allow the debt ceiling to increase but would make president obama own it politically and sarah palin who was still wondering if she was
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